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December 12th, 2016 :

What Can A Wrongful Death Attorney Do For Me And My Family?

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What Can A Wrongful Death Attorney Do For Me And My Family?

When a wrongful death action is filed in Texas, it's not unusual for the lawsuit to contain a second count known as a survival action. Both actions involve complex litigation and damages issues. Due to the potential monetary exposure to the defendants, seasoned and aggressive insurance defense attorneys are ordinarily involved.

Persons who can bring these actions
Only the surviving spouse, children and parents of a decedent are permitted to bring a Texas wrongful death action. If there was an interim between the time of injury and time of death, damages different than those recoverable in a wrongful death case accrue, and the heirs of the estate of the decedent are allowed to bring the survival action.

How a wrongful death attorney can benefit you and your family
Wrongful death and survival cases get very complicated very quickly. They can involve intentional conduct, negligent conduct and violations of statutes or regulations. The time limits involved for notices and filings can vary with different defendants. Texas wrongful death attorney Chad Jones is well aware of these limits, He will protect your case by filing against the correct defendants in the correct court within the time allowed by law.

Procedure and evidence
The rules of civil procedure and evidence in these cases require thorough understanding. If a person is learning these as he or she progresses in a case, it's inevitable that mistakes will be made. Defense attorneys will seize on those mistakes and critical evidence can be barred from admission. A perfectly good case could turn into thin air.

The outcome of a wrongful death case can not only provide you with a sense of justice, but you might also recover significant damages. For an experienced and successful wrongful death lawyer anywhere in Texas, contact Chad Jones at 800-645-6637.

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