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April 11th, 2016 :

Things to Consider When Hiring a College Station Personal Injury Lawyer

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Things to Consider When Hiring a College Station Personal Injury Lawyer

Everyone hopes they will never need the services of a personal injury attorney, but there are many situations people face that require the services of a qualified lawyer.

Victims of hit-and-run accidents, slip and fall injuries and other circumstances that led to a serious injury should know how to find a qualified College Station Personal Injury Lawyer.

You want to ask several questions about an attorney's track record and experience before making a decision, according to the legal experts at

1. How long has the attorney practiced personal injury law?

2. Does the attorney have experience trying similar cases (DUI injury cases for example)?

3. Does the lawyer mostly represent defendants or plaintiffs? You want a lawyer who mostly represents plaintiffs rather than insurance companies or property owners because their interests are the opposite of an injured person's interests.

4. Would this lawyer directly represent you, or would much of the work be passed off to another member of the firm? This practice is not unusual, but you might want to meet the other attorney.

5. What percentage of the lawyer's cases are personal injury cases? You might not have considered your settlement goal before, other than winning compensation.

Do you want to win as much as possible, no matter how long it takes? Do you want to win more than the other party's insurance company has offered? Do you want to win a specific amount with a minimum of cost and trouble? An unqualified attorney can hurt your case. You risk not being fairly compensated or not winning a settlement at all. If you need a College Station Personal Injury Lawyer, we invite you to call Chad Jones Law to talk about your case.

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