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March 13th, 2015 :

Marathons, Ultra Marathons, and Trials

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Marathons, Ultra Marathons, and Trials

Many of you have seen me running the streets, sidewalks and trails with my dog and/or my friends. For the last several years, I have been training for marathons, ultra-marathons, trail races, and adventure races. Some of you have called me crazy to my face or at-least thought it, as you saw me run in the rain, sleet, heat, extreme cold, or some combination of all of the above. But, this is what it takes to be able to successfully run these races.

 Training for these races is a lot like working a case and getting it ready for trial. When training for a race, I look at the course map to determine the length and terrain (hills, flat, trail, muddy, rocks, obstacles, wind). These factors determine what kind of training and how much training is involved. I also research the race to learn as much about it as I can (temperature, rules, food provided or not, water provided or not, number of runners, expected delays, gear required, common problems). Furthermore, I always talk with other runners that have attempted the race. But, most importantly, I train with other runners to hold me accountable, to learn new techniques, to discuss new running gear, and learn about races. Each of these factors is vital to success. If I skip one, not only will I not succeed in the race; but, injuries are possible.

 I run races to compete against others; but, also against myself. I train to succeed and like anyone else, I like to win. If you were to see my home office, you would see a lot of medals. But, what I am most proud of is my accomplishments for my clients. These successes demand a lot of the steps similar to the ones detailed above. Each case demands a lot of investigation (meetings with the client, meetings with witnesses, viewing the scene, speaking with third parties that are involved, speaking with investigators, speaking with professionals involved). After the initial investigation, I do additional research to anticipate and defend against potential pitfalls for the case. After the research and investigation phase (which never truly ends, as I seek to learn as much as I can about the case throughout the entirety of the case from each new contact, encounter or perspective), I discuss the case with my team here at Chad Jones Law, we discuss the case to make sure I am not missing anything, to make sure all details and tasks are covered, and to compare it with other cases we’ve handled recently so we can know what to expect. Additionally, I discuss the case with Mr. Jones, who is board certified and has decades of experience, whose insight is invaluable. I also attend classes and organizational meetings regularly to keep my knowledge ever evolving and constantly updated.  I am committed to completing each of these steps and recognize each one is vital to obtaining the results my clients deserve.

Here at Chad Jones Law we are committed to helping you through the obstacles of your particular case. We look forward to being helping you! Please contact the us to find out what we can do to help you at 800-645-6637 or email us to discuss your case.


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