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March 3rd, 2015 :

Austin's Hands-Free Ordinance Have you heard about the new hands free ordinance in Austin? Inside the city limits of Austin you are not allowed to be on your mobile device in any way. No texting, calling, snapchatting, etc. The new law came into effect on January 1st, 2015. Austin Police Department had a one month grace period to hand out warning tickets, but now you can get stiffed with a fine up to $500 dollars and a class c misdemeanor. Even if you’re passing through the city, make sure to not be on your phone. Hands free devices such as blue tooth on a headset or in your car is allowed. Other cities and areas are looking to enact this, such as the surrounding cities of Westlake, Pflugerville, and Lakeway. Many car accidents are a result of distracted driving, according to; nearly one in 5 crashes (17%) someone was injured in an accident as a result of distracted driving. This law was made to encourage drivers to keep their minds and hands on the wheel. At Chad Jones Law, we are committed to justice. If you have been a victim of someone’s negligence while driving then you can feel confident coming to us. We will research your case to the fullest, and get you what you deserve. For a free consultation, call us anytime at (979)-595-5000. Text Source: Video Source: Written by: Laura Longnecker

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